"In the spring, flowers bloom and last quite awhile in many instances.

One of the things that makes them so beautiful, is that they do not last.

This forces one to gaze upon them more intently and pursue how very lovely they are.

In the winter, we miss them, but we know as the snow melts, the flowers will return, and for

some strange reason, these flowers will be even more lovely than the ones the year before."

Michael Cox



"Michael Cox's vision has electrified a recent project I've come to know. His talent combines the power of innocence and the magic of wonder in ways that transport us to places we have never been, yet recognize immediately, for the emotional connection they spark; suggesting that we may have visited these worlds already .....and, perhaps, not long ago.

Never have I experienced an artist so driven, so compelled to present opportunities, visually, for us to arrive at a better place, emotionally.

- Jeff Jones
Film Editor, Walt Disney Animation









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