The White Rose on the Isle of Dreams


Far away up on the shore
A ship drifts past the Dreamer's door


Fading out onto the sea, of Once Again
the sail sets free.


Whispers rush from the dreamer's door,
To draw the Captain's heart once more


Caressing winds that move the ship
"Please come back and never forget".


As memories lap like waves to shore

Two hearts touch like they did once before.


Swirling winds dance with grace and
the stars bear witness to love's embrace.


Within their grasp the lovers hold
The white rose once red not long ago.

Sail free my dear Captain on your mighty ship,
Whispers the Dreamer he will never forget.


So it be there on that distant shore
The Dreamer waits for the Captain adored.



Poem written for the White Rose of Michael Cox.