Have we not all wondered about the World’s we dream about?

 The ones we hold in wonder, and try to seek them out.


Our dreams are eternal, and forever in our minds,

Even though each day, we often shut them,

Much like we close a simple window blind.


As I dream of this city beyond the mist,

I discover ancient scrolls within

Prepared by a civilization that may no longer exist.


With fine laced plants, standing proudly in full view,

Tall stately pillars, and etchings which hold

 Many untold tales one can see and do.


A I go even further and deeper in the mist.

I realize a special magic exists,

And know now why I was compelled to make the tryst.


Colors and light beyond my wildest dreams,

I am in a fantasy in which I am meant to be, it seems.


If our World could only be like this,

It would be so sublime,

This undisturbed and serene,

Mystical time.


I must Enjoy, drink it in!

Because when I leave,

It will be my destiny

To show on canvas all I see and believe.


Maxine Brazil ©2005